Plastic Mould Toolmakers and Precision Engineers in Dartford, Kent
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Makers and suppliers of the Spomb Fish Feeder. Unique and patented re-usable bait laying device.


Spomb fish feeder

The Plascan Bottle and Can Crusher

A domestic tool made from Plastic for use in Homes, Hospitals, Restaurants, Schools, etc. to Crush effectively & safely all sorts of:

Empty Plastic Bottles up to 9 Litres in Volume. Empty Drink Cans


The Plascan platic Bottle and can crusher

The Mille-Tie

Black or green Extended Environment Polymer re-usable 22" garden/household ties.

£3.80 for a pack of 10

Black Flame Retardant re-usable 22" Ties for more demanding uses as used by HM Armed Forces (the only plastic tie to be granted approval by the Institute of Naval Medicine)

£8.20 for a pack of 10

The Mille-Tie

The Can Cap

This is a cap which re-seals open drinks cans: Sample £2.00 including P&P, the price for a minimum order of 1000 would be;

£0.80p each+ P&P and Vat

5000 would be £0.75p each + P&P and Vat

Pack of 4 x caps £3.40 + P&P £1.45

the Can Top

The Stepeasy Foot Massager

This is for the prevention of deep vein thrombosis on long journeys, useful on aeroplanes and trains, in old people's homes etc. Price for one would be £12.99, prices for larger quantities could be negotiated, but 500 plus would be;

The Stepeasy Foot Massager

The Stow-a-Way Hook

Made from recycled plastic, useful for hanging up all sorts of household appliances and garden tools.

Pack of 5 £3.00

100 = £32.00 + P&P and Vat

1000 = £290.00 + P&P and Vat

5000 = £1250.00 + P&P and Vat

The stow-a-way hook

Clocks and Watches

Innovative LED clocks and watches

Clocks and watches