Plastic Mould Toolmakers and Precision Engineers in Dartford, Kent
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G. W. Lawson

G. W . Lawson Ltd has been established for over 35 years. The managing director Gilbert Wates has a wealth of experinece in regard to all Injection moulding issues and is always there to help out.

They specialise in running projects for customers using "Quick Change Insert Moulds" these keep the initial costs down, then when the customer is happy with the product (and orders are large enough) we change them into fully hardened moulds. This makes us extremely competitive in the UK and enables us to compete with China.

Having our own mould shop keeps the cost down and the quality high because we are able to test the moulds, then having got the customers approval, they are dispatched.

The only restriction on our moulds is the maximum weight which is up to one ton.